My Name is Kasey and I have been in the beauty industry since 2011. I have to say that i am so lucky to be able to do something everyday that I am so passionate about, Since I started behind the chair I have always put a lot of energy in applying myself to the industry to learn as much as I can, But over the years i've found that the thing I enjoy doing the most is color and extensions,  I feel that those two things really gives someone that WOW factor and changes everything. Adding highlights can really bring out the best features in someones over all appearance. Adding depth can also add color back in to someones complexion.  Another aspect of the beauty industry I really enjoy is bridal particularly bridal hair and makeup ive worked with some of the top hair and makeup artists in sarasota in the bridal business, I attended workshops and makeup shows and started to invest more of my time practicing with makeup and really perfecting my craft. Weddings are so full of happiness and so much love and I wanted nothing more then to be apart of someones biggest day of there life.


A Brides Hair and Makeup for her wedding day is one of the most important and one of the most exciting aspects about getting ready for her to walk down the isle to her husband to be. As she is getting ready and all the nerves are flowing her bridesmaids,her family and friends are complementing her and are in aw about how beautiful she looks, she is beaming with excitement and is glowing with pure beauty. Not only is that the most exciting feeling for me but its the most rewarding feeling as well to know that I did my absolute B E S T  to help that woman be the most beautiful her on the biggest day of her life. My career is my passion and I pour my heart and soul into my brides and do everything I can to make sure that I gain her trust and that she has 100% confidents in me to make sure that she looks and feels as gorgeous as she can.